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TTSI Wins Congressional Award

Recognized by the Congress of the United States House of Representatives with a Certificate of Special Congressional Recognition for Significant Early Action to Reduce Air Pollutant Emissions.

Green Truck Initiative

A Time Line of Achievements

2007 — Cleaner Cargo Trucks

When the San Pedro Bay Ports crafted a clean air policy, Victor La Rosa, President of Total Transportation Services, Inc. (TTSI), was the first in line with alternative fuel vehicles (AFVs) to operate in fill-time drayage service at the Ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles. TTSI has invested $15 million in LNG and clean diesel trucks and plans to replace its entire fleet with Alternative Fuel Vehicles (AFV). Mr. La Rosa appreciates the business case, but equally compelling is the reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

"We all have a responsibility to protect the environment," said Mr. La Rosa.

2008 — Liquid Natural Gas (LNG)

On May 15, 2008 TTSI took delivery of its first eight LNG Kenworth T800 vehicles featuring Westport Innovation's High Pressure Direct Injection (HPDI) technology. These LNG vehicles were the first alternative fuel vehicles to go into full time drayage service in the Los Angeles and Long Beach Ports.

"TTSI, as an early adopter of Westport's HPDI technology, is at the forefront of the environmental drive to reduce emissions in the trucking industry," said Mike Gallagher, President and COO of Westport Innovations. "Additionally, TTSI will be able to reduce fuel costs by using an alternative fuel such as liquefied natural gas (LNG), a key decision factor for an fleet owner."

2009 — Coalition for Responsible Transportation

TTSI enthusiastically joined in the ports' commitment to clean air. A mere nine months after the ports adopted the San Pedro Bay Clean Air Protection Plan, TTSI committed to converting its entire drayage fleet to a completely green fleet of clean diesel and liquefied natural gas vehicles. TTSI was able to complete the conversion in a year's time. TTSI has again backed up its reputation as an innovator in the drayage community and as a company dedicated to leaving as small a footprint as possible. Learn more about the Coalition for Responsible Transportation.

2010 / 2011 — TTSI Deploys the World's First Hydrogen / Electric Class 8 Truck

Beginning testing in July of 2010, TTSI unveils to the world the whisper quiet and hugely powerful truck in 2011 to the Port of Long Beach.

“We are proud to have invested in this cutting-edge technology which results in zero-emissions at the tail pipe. We appreciate the role that Mayor Foster, the City and the Port have played in championing these technologies which will benefit the residents of Long Beach and the surrounding areas in terms of better air quality”. — Vic LaRosa, President of TTSI.

2012 — TTSI's Commitment to a Green Fleet Extends to it's Company Cars

As part of TTSI's commitment to a cleaner, greener environment, TTSI switched their company cars to the Chevy Volt. Electric car charging stations were installed in their parking lot.

2013 — Hydrogen / Electric Truck Goes International

TTSI commitment to sustainability goes international with the world's first hydrogen electric fuel cell truck at the Hydrogen + Fuel Cell 2013 Conference.