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TTSI's Clean Fleet

LNG Emissions Reductions

57 Liquid Natural Gas Tractors

  • 57.6 tons Nitrogen Oxides
    (annually — 1.2 tons/tractor)
  • 288 tons Nitrogen Oxides
    (over 5 year project life)
  • 3.8 tons Particulate Matter
    (annually — 0.08 tons/tractor)
  • 19.2 tons Particulate Matter
    (over 5 year project life)

Clean Diesel Emissions Reductions

111 Low Sulfur Burning Diesel Tractors

  • 35.5 tons Nitrogen Oxides
    (annually — 0.32 tons/tractor)
  • 177.6 tons Nitrogen Oxides
    (over 5 year project life)
  • 4.4 tons Particulate Matter
    (annually — 0.04 tons/tractor)
  • 22.2 tons Particulate Matter
    (over 5 year project life)

Hydrogen / Electric Truck

Zero Emission Hydrogen Fuel Cell Electric Class 8 Heavy-duty Truck

  • 3,300 lbs/torque
  • Zero air pollution
  • Zero noise pollution


From Strategy to Reality

At TTSI we are committed to leaving as small a footprint as possible on our precious environment. That's why we are committed to several ecological goals designed to drastically reduce our operational emissions and subsequent environmental pollution.

Clean Fleet Benefits

  • 100% Clean Fleet — totally exempt from Port Fees (CA)
  • 1st company to place in service LNG (Liquid Natural Gas) Tractors in the Ports of LA and Long Beach
  • World's first Class 8 Hydrogen / Electric tractor
  • Numerous awards for technology utilization
  • Additional units purchased run on alternative fuels — LNG, CNG, and Hydrogen / Electric

Smartway Transport Partnership

Certified SmartWay Partner with a score of 1.25 (represents outstanding environmental performance).

TTSI co-created the Coalition for Responsible Transportation (CRT) with NYK Logistics and cargo interests with the goal to address environmental issues, implement innovative solutions that alleviate diesel-related emissions, and promote better business practices in communities surrounding our nation's ports. Read more about our green truck initiative.

Total Emissions Reductions

  • 93.1 tons Nitrogen Oxides  annually
  • 465 tons Nitrogen Oxides  over 5 year project life
  • 8.2 tons Particulate Matter annually
  • 41.4 tons Particulate Matter over 5 year project life
  • Over 4.1 million gallons of Diesel Fuel over 5 year project life

Hydrogen / Electric Trucks

The revolutionary zero-emissions class 8 tractor / trailer is the first of it's kind, and debuted at the Port of Long Beach. Learn more.

Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) Trucks

Our Kenworth T800 LNG Trucks are state-of-the-art, featuring Westport Innovation's High Pressure Direct Injection (HDPI) technology.

Clean Diesel

Before the new technologies of the Hydrogen / Electric Engine and Liquid Natural Gas Engines, the first step in transforming TTSI to a green fleet were clean diesel trucks. Extremely powerful with significantly less emissions than standard diesel trucks.