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Seaport complex takes delivery of zero-emission hauling truck

The heavy-duty rig, which will transport cargo between the ports of L.A. and Long Beach and Inland Empire warehouses and distribution centers, runs on electric batteries powered by a hydrogen fuel cell.

Los Angeles Times Article

Hydrogen / Electric Technology

Zero Emission Hydrogen Fuel Cell Electric Class 8 Heavy-Duty-Truck

Tyrano TM is the world's first zero-emission, heavy-duty hauling rig powered by a hydrogen fuel cell, according to the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach. The nations busiest seaport complex accepted delivery of a Tyrano on Friday for an 18-month test. Learn more about TTSI's Hydrogen / Electric story.


  • Zero Emissions
  • Zero CO²
  • Zero Fossil Fuels
  • Zero Noise Pollution
  • Zero Carbon Footprint

Hydrogen/Electric Engine Specifications

Siemens: Pem-Motor 1DB2024-WS36

  • 3,300 lbs/torque
  • Class 8 Tractor
  • Power - Hydgrogen Fuel Cell
  • ION Lithium Batteries
Cooling Media Water-Glycol
Rated Voltage DC 750 V
Rated Power 320 KW @1500 rpm
Rated Torque 2900 Nm @ 360 A
Max Torque 4500 Nm @ 640 A
Related Current 360 A
Max Speed 3,500 rpm
Weight 500 kg
Dim (LxWxH) 660 x 510 x 500mm
Ambient Temperature -30 °C to 70 °C