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First Contractor Takes Ownership of Clean Truck in New Lease to Own Program

Rancho Dominguez, CA – For four years, Jorge Gomez and his son, Jorge Jr., have split shifts almost seven days a week, night and day, driving a shared drayage truck with a common dream – the day would come when they own their truck.

TTSI, a trucking company and logistics provider, is helping more than 150 contractors like the Gomezes with a lease-­‐to-­‐own program, Pathway to Ownership. Owner-­‐operators are effectively a small business. Partner contractors like the Gomezes can be very successful.

The Gomezes are the first to complete the lease-­‐to-­‐own program.

“Our business is growing and we’re looking for more dedicated operators like the Gomezes,” said La Rosa. “TTSI’s Pathway to Ownership program provides a business model for partner operators to make the most of their investment in a clean truck.”

La Rosa is a leading advocate of responsible and sustainable transportation. TTSI was an early adopter of clean diesel, liquefied natural gas and electric fuel cell trucks. The company is a member of the Coalition for Responsible Transportation, which includes leading importers, exporters, trucking companies and ocean carriers dedicated to transportation programs that further environment stewardship.

But the state’s environmental mandates have raised concerns of too few owner-­‐operators. On January 1, 2014, the California Air Resources Board will ban trucks with 2006 and older engines from working at ports and rail yards throughout the state. The older trucks are a major source of diesel pollution, a threat to public health. These older trucks are operated by owner-­‐ contractors who will need to finance a newer, cleaner truck costing more than $100,000.

La Rosa saw this potential shortage of owner-­‐operators coming several years ago, in 2008, when the ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles launched their own clean trucks program with restrictions similar to the ARB ban beginning in January. In 2009 TTSI began its Pathway to Ownership lease-­‐to-­‐own clean trucks program. The program is set up for a contractor to become an owner of a $115,000 truck after six years and 72 payments of $1,500 per month.

The Gomezes, because they partnered in their truck, completed payments in four and a half years – faster than any of the other contractors leasing trucks from the ports, state or other trucking companies. La Rosa and the Gomezes said the key is maximizing the use of their asset, the truck, by working it as many hours as possible with their partnership.

“Our lease-­‐to-­‐own program is helping us to grow our business,” said La Rosa. “At the same time, it allows us to mentor operators like the Gomezes to start and succeed at their own business. All the while, TTSI, the Gomezes and all of our operators are helping to improve air quality.”

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