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The Global Environmental Academy of San Pedro High visited TTS-I Thursday, May 16th, where over 30 students participated in the Job Shadow Day as part of EXP’s programming.

This program is designed to help students experience a real work environment and explore the different careers within TTS-I. Students were able to learn from professionals and make connections for future internships and careers.

Over 30 students from the Global Environmental Academy of San Pedro High visited TTSI in the Job Shadow Day

Vic La Rosa, President TTSI

An ACT News Executive Interview with Vic LaRosa, President and CEO of Total Transportation Services, Inc. (TTSI), Los Angeles, California

When he is not running the day to day operations of one of the largest drayage industry trucking firms on the West Coast, Vic LaRosa finds time to enjoy a favorite hobby, fly fishing. His passion for the environment stems from peaceful days spent in pristine locations, casting his fly rod. He follows catch-and-release ethics, and is dedicated to preserving all fishing waters.

As the President and CEO of TTSI, Vic brings that sense of environmental responsibility to the workplace, with a company commitment to leave as small a carbon footprint as possible. TTSI takes being a good corporate citizen to heart, reducing truck emissions in the communities they work in, as well as creating a healthy workplace for staff.

Vic founded TTSI in 1986, to provide a wide range of national and international freighting services, based on customer relationships and wanting to make a difference in the drayage and trucking industry. He enjoys the success of TTSI, measured by how much he continues to enjoy what he is doing. 

TTSI has a reputation of being one of the more forward-looking and adaptable trucking companies in Southern California. ACT News caught up with Vic LaRosa to learn more about how TTSI continues to innovate by remaining on the cutting edge of transportation technologies.

ACT News: How do you foster innovation at TTSI?
Vic LaRosa: When we committed to the zero-emission transportation pathway, all the technology companies who are manufacturing in the alternative fuels sector sought us out. At TTSI, we’ve all learned about alternative fuel technologies, sustainability, and why reducing emissions from diesel matters. We are committed to the environment. We have a Director of Compliance and Sustainability, which has been very fruitful for TTSI, as they’ve been able to focus on what new technologies are emerging that we should incorporate.

We talk to everybody in the company. Customers, drivers, and everybody in between. TTSI has developed internal programs based on communicating with all our people.

We’ve made a very large commitment to the new natural gas engines from Cummins Westport, and renewable natural gas (RNG). All the trucks we’re spec’ing have the Cummins 11.9 liter near-zero engine. Natural gas is a quiet, comfortable ride for the drivers. And it’s so much better for the environment.

That said, we’re agnostic to technology. We’ll try any of the new emission-reducing technologies. We’re testing battery and fuel cell technologies. TTSI is heavily committed as a company to embrace any new technology, anything that will make the trucks run cleaner. We have to run the company with the most cost effective and practical solutions there are.

ACT News: What are three words to describe TTSI?
Vic LaRosa: Sustainability, customer service, California compliant.

ACT News: How would you describe your workplace culture?
Vic LaRosa: We are proud of our family culture, we have a very loyal work family at TTSI. In the port drayage trucking industry there can be a lot of turnover. When people leave I ask them why, so we can learn from their experience at TTSI. I always tell them they are welcome to come back. We’ve seen a large percentage of the people who leave return to TTSI. This includes customer service staff, dispatchers, and drivers.

ACT News: What aspect of your role do you enjoy the most?
Vic LaRosa: I really enjoy meeting with our customers, both current and new customers. I like learning about their business, sharing ideas and best practices, and determining how best TTSI can help them grow their business.

Customers are the reason we are in business; their satisfaction is our work. Every customer is treated as if he or she were our only customer. From the initial contact to final freight disposition, our desire to please is paramount. We earnestly aspire to this goal every moment of every day.

ACT News: What do you find the most challenging at TTSI?
Vic LaRosa: Driver retention, something the entire trucking industry finds challenging. Our drivers are at the heart of our operations, and we are dedicated to treating them as such. We are 100% California Compliant and our drivers enjoy benefits, hourly and piecemeal wages, digital logs, and an exciting driver training program that takes a driver from zero experience to ready to hit the road with confidence.

ACT News: Before TTSI, what was the most unusual or interesting job you ever had?
Vic LaRosa: Back in the mid-seventies, I worked in Seattle for a company that was instrumental in the construction of the Alaska pipeline. We built all the pumping stations. We managed the procurement of goods, and assembled products that were dispatched from Seattle up to Alaska. We used every type of transportation mode in existence, including over the road trucking, marine – lots of roll on roll off, rail, and air. It was a fascinating project.

ACT News: What advice would you offer to young professionals interested in pursuing a similar career path?
Vic LaRosa: You will always work in this industry. People have to move goods, moving freight is a key part of the supply chain, we see continued growth in the industry. People tend to stay in the industry their entire careers. Becoming a trainee in a management program is a good place to start. Be creative and go after the opportunities that are out there.

U.S. Department of Energy supports battery electric drayage trucks

Department of Energy selects WAVE (Wireless Advanced Vehicle Electrification) Drayage Electrification Project with wireless inductive charger. Wireless Advanced Vehicle Electrification (WAVE) has selected its “High-Power Extreme Fast Charging Development and Deployment for Electric Drayage Trucks at the Port of Los Angeles” and $8.4M project award from the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) Batteries and Electrification to enable extreme fast charging funding opportunity.

WAVE will partner with Cummins Inc., Schneider Electric, Utah State University and Total Transportation Services Inc. (TTSI) to develop, deploy, and demonstrate a first-of-its-kind 500kW “XMEG” wireless inductive charger to support zero-emission (ZE) battery electric drayage trucks. The solution leverages USU technology for a direct Medium Voltage grid connection to greatly reduce the cost, size, and complexity of installed XMEG systems.

“This is a critical technology because battery electric commercial vehicles will play an important role in improving air quality in cities and ports, but charging infrastructure can be a barrier to their adoption,” said Michael Masquelier, WAVE’s chief executive officer. “WAVE looks forward to a fruitful partnership with DOE and we are proud to help make zero-emission freight truck operations a reality.”

WAVE technology transfers power through the air, from an embedded charging pad placed in the pavement to a receiving pad mounted on the vehicle's undercarriage, reducing the amount of on-board storage needed to operate. The innovative WAVE extreme fast charger will allow TTSI’s ZE drayage trucks to charge during normal cargo loading and unloading stops.

Combined with the groundbreaking improvements enabling extreme fast charge, this “top-off” charge capability will significantly extend the uptime of the trucks, eliminating battery range concerns and enabling them to complete the rigorous duty cycles associated with around-the-clock freight operations.

Utah-based WAVE will deploy and field test the system this year and next. The new system will be installed at TTSI at the Port of Los Angeles.

“This is an important step in TTSI’s innovative push to reduce emissions throughout its terminal operations,” Victor La Rosa, CEO & founder of TTSI, noted. “Data gathered from this project will provide critical insights not only to TTSI but also to the port and freight sectors at large. The model that we are building will form a blueprint that any port operator looking to significantly reduce emissions can follow.”

This project will showcase the technologies enabling the zero-emission future of port functions. Cummins is integrating an electric powertrain that will successfully meet the operational needs of this demanding application at the Port of Los Angeles.

“We are pleased to work with these partners and develop our experience with extreme wireless fast charging, a key technology to enable broader adoption of electric powertrains,” said Wayne Eckerle, vice president of research and technology at Cummins. “Our goal is to bring multiple clean power solutions to markets to help improve the environment while powering our customers’ success.”

Read the full article at

Selections from the FY 2017 Vehicle Technologies Program Batteries and Electrification to Enable Extreme Fast Charging Funding Opportunity Announcement (DE-FOA-0001808) 

View the PDF for more information.

TTSI sister companies Heavy Load Transfer, LLC and West Group Logistics, LLC set up a booth at the California Trucking show to meet new drivers and see the latest and greatest in trucking!


TTSI is proud to announce President Vic La Rosa is a California Air Quality Award Honoree. Vic's commitment to environmental sustainability has always been a top priority, and he's set the ambitious goal of converting the entire fleet to zero or near zero emission vehicles by 2020. This in sharp contrast to the 97% of heavy-duty trucks on the road being diesel or gasoline. We're already well on our way.

"We’re going to clean up the trucks that use the ports, rail yards, and warehouses, and Vic is the guy who’s making that happen."
-  Joe Lyou, President & CEO, Coalition for Clean Air

Read the full article at - the coalition for clean air website.

Renewable Natural Gas Power at the port of Los Angeles with Cummins Near-Zero emissions engines. Vic La Rosa Jr., equipment and safety coordinator for Total Transportation Services, Inc, discusses the engines' power, impact on the environment, and the future of trucking at the Port.

HLT (TTSI sister company) brought a fully functional electric tractor to the Global Logistics event at Cabrillo High School. This tractor has been tested in conjunction with Transpower for over a year under real-world application. The Port of Long Beach Academy of Global Logistics at Cabrillo High School (AGL), is a partnership with the Long Beach Unified School District and combines academic curriculum with industry-relevant training and information to support academic and career development.

Learn more at the Cabrillo Academy of Business.

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TTSI's Booth at GPS Your Future


GPS Your Future! A program designed to prepare and inspire high school students for college, career, and life. Partnered with ITEP (International Trade Education Programs) and California State University Dominguez Hills, our own Tony Williamson and Tonya Stanley are on it's the Board of Directors. The event was held over the weekend, where we had a booth setup for TTSI.

View the Flyer

In our on-going commitment towards a cleaner, greener California, and we are thrilled to receive the California Air Quality Award for Corporate Environmental Stewardship

Today two articles came out discussing the near-zero emission trucks technology deployed at the Port Complex (Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach). These trucks are using ultra-clean renewable fuel and provide an immediate solution to achieving clean air where it's needed most. Part of the Clean Air Action Plan formed in 2006, TTSI has been on the leading edge of green truck technology from the beginning.

The renewable natural gas the trucks are using is “an ultra-clean and ultra-low-carbon natural gas alternative made from the methane that is captured when waste from food scraps, animal manure, sewage and other organic sources is broken down, captured and refined. RNG has the lowest carbon intensity rating of key transportation fuels when comparing the well-to-wheels greenhouse gas (GHGs) emissions of various fuels in heavy-duty trucking applications,” per ACT News.

"TTSI has now been testing the new CWI natural gas engines since last year and have found that they work terrifically. We have run the trucks hard — in and out of the ports for long hours in all kinds of conditions — and have had no issues. TTSI is committed to going above and beyond what we can towards a more sustainable future and transitioning to renewable natural gas has made it easy." Says TTSI president Vic La Rosa.